The Social Shift


A new perspective. A new solution.
MiVote is an online ecosystem that empowers voters to make the best decisions for themselves on every issue, every time. As a result, the community's independent candidate takes the majority opinion to the top. This fuels direct democratic change—the way your community votes is the way your representative votes in government.

Make voting

Genuine and democratic


A MiVoter (that’s you) will get unbiased, fully- referenced content in a way that’s easy to understand. We offer the best possible form of the argument so you can take in as much as you want. Every eligible community member has one opportunity to vote and each vote carries exactly the same weight.

Our dedication to fairness runs deep. We use blockchain technology, so our system is incorruptible. We require independent candidates to agree to uphold our values in government. We’re not for profit. We’re party agnostic. We don’t accept corporate donations.

Why Join MiVote

MiVote is a new type of direct democracy utilising the MiToken platform ecosystem.

The MiToken platform has rebuilt MiVote as a community driven organisation. This means that MiVote is a decentralised platform for communities to collaborate, and provide voting destinations for broad constituencies across the globe.

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